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Harry Caine loved living in Britain in 1955, the energy of a country rebuilding itself after World War 2 and the emergence of the new jazz clubs excited him far more than his native Hell’s Kitchen in New York. Following the death of his wife, Harry was slowly rebuilding his life, living with his friend Charlie in the vibrant London suburb of Notting Hill and writing about the dark side of Britain as a crime reporter for the Daily Sketch


Until what should have been a day of celebration for Harry was shattered when his business card was found clutched in the hand of a dead man. A German immigrant that had died by biting from an apple injected with cyanide. The same method of death suffered by a World War 2 code-breaker, one year earlier.


As the pressure mounts from all directions, Harry has to use all his understanding of human behaviour from gambling in the Kitchen to outwit the World’s Security Services before he is hung for a crime he didn’t commit.


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