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Alice Frances Archer is the most unusual of Pisceans; she was born on the 29th. February 1916, on a wet Tuesday afternoon in St. Vincent’s Hospital Greenwich Village NYC.  Growing up in a family that cared more about what their friends and acquaintances thought of them than what they thought of each other, life took a tough turn when the recession came crashing through in 1929.

Alice rejected the temptation to rely on her physical attributes, which were considerable, to get herself out of the poverty she believed was suffocating her. She was a tall 5’ 6” with an athletic frame and dusty blonde hair. Her biggest asset though was her allure, Alice possessed a magnetism that men couldn’t understand, other women could only be envious of, and no-one could refute. Instead, she applied herself to her studies in academia, finance and law in particular, and human behaviour.


After joining an export trading company, she gratefully accepted her firm’s offer to travel the world as they expanded. During the war, her expertise was called upon to help in Roosevelt’s ‘Lend-Lease’ negotiations in London. Alice enjoyed her time in Britain’s capital, despite the fear of death and despair, she loved its atmosphere of resilience greatly coupled with the proximity to European culture, finally moving to London permanently after the war had ended

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