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Fifty-five-year-old Detective Inspector Ronald Arthur Hixson was a man with a very distinguished career. Hixson is a strikingly imposing man at six-foot-tall and weighing 172 pounds. He originally served for the 2nd East Riding Yeomanry which became the 12th Parachute Battalion and was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for gallantry in 1944. After peace was declared, he wanted to remain within a highly disciplined environment, so he joined the police force and through dedication and hard work was recognised very quickly. In private moments he occasionally considers that he may have been partly responsible for his wife’s death. Hixson was off duty, and he and his wife were going shopping when they visited a bank when a masked man came rushing in shouting threats and waving a gun. Hixson tackled him instinctively, but in the struggle, the gun went off and hit his wife, Elizabeth. For that, he was awarded the King's Police and Fire Services Medal in 1951 and since then become a workaholic.

Hixson’s professional partner is forty-six-year-old Detective Sergeant Daniel Michael Brennan, and they have worked together since he moved to London from Scotland after the war. In the services, Brennan had risen to become Chief Petty Officer, serving on the submarines with distinction. He started, and spent most of his time, on HMS Storm, an S-class submarine. He served out of Scotland and went from Norway to India to Australia and saw conflict many times. When he returned, Scotland was too small for him, and he became restless. As a solution to their now strained marriage, his wife decided on a complete change of scenery, and they both moved to London. In 1951 he was promoted to Detective Sergeant and was paired with the now workaholic Hixson

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